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Our Best Answer: How do I add, drop / withdraw or swap classes?

Add, Drop/Withdraw, and Swap

You're strongly encouraged to meet with a member of your Advising Team before making changes to your class schedule. You can change your schedule for the current Session I or II up to the “Last Day to Add a Course or Change Course Section” for the session. You can drop a class by that last day to drop deadline. These dates are posted on the Academic Calendar for each session.

Once you've met with an advisor, you may follow these CUNYfirst instructions in order to ADD, DROP or SWAP classes:

You can check your class registration status through CUNYfirst.

Drop vs. withdrawal

Dropping a course will remove the class from your schedule. If you drop on or before the first day of classes, you won't receive financial aid for that class and you won't be billed for it. The class won't appear on your academic record.

Removing a course after the last day to drop is considered a withdrawal, and the course stays on your record with a "W" grade. The credits for that class will count as attempted credits and may affect your academic progress for financial aid. The Registrar Office may assign administrative drops if a student is ineligible for the course or withdrawals if a student fails to attend the class or submit immunization records as required and will assign a grade of "WN" or "WU" which may also affect academic progress for financial aid.

Add/Drop/Swap Messages

If you see a "department consent required" message when trying to add or swap a class, please visit the academic department hosting the course for permission.

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