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Our Best Answer: Do I need to take placement tests?

Placement Tests

All new students for the Spring 2020 semester will no longer be required to take the reading and math placement exam. Students writing and math proficiency will be evaluated by the Admissions Office during the admittance process. Students' Regents, SAT, and ACT scores will determine proficiency. If students don't meet minimum proficiency scores based on their Regents, SAT, and ACT scores, their high school GPA and grades in English and Math courses will determine their placement.

If math proficiency cannot be determined based on the above, students will be eligible to take a self-reporting math placement survey. Contact the Testing Office to schedule an appointment to take the placement survey.

Appointments for Placement Testing: If students are required to take a writing placement test, they will be notified by the College.

Please refer to CUNY's testing page, email or call the Testing Office at (718) 482-5146  for further information. 


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