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Our Best Answer: How do I know which level ESL class I should take at TELC?

ESL Class Placement at TELC

New Students: Students take a placement test in each of the programs in The English Language Center (TELC). Based on the results of the test, you are placed in an appropriate level. On the first day of class, come to the office in room C354 and find your class level and room number on the list. You do not see the results of the test.

There are 10 levels in the Day Intensive Programs. In the Evening and Saturday Programs, there are 6 levels.

When you register, you will be given information about taking the placement test for your program. You will need to pay for your classes before you take the test. The day of the test, you only need to bring your payment receipt and a pencil. There is no separate fee for the placement test.

Returning Students:  If you are registering for the same TELC program and only missed one quarter, you do not need to take a placement test again. You will be placed in the class that the last teacher recommended. If you are registering for another TELC program (for example, switching from the Evening Program to the AM or PM Day Intensive Program), you must take the placement test again before beginning the new program.

Note: The TOEFL is not required for any classes in TELC.

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