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Our Best Answer: How do I get tutoring, and what kinds can I get, at the Writing Center?

Help with Writing

The online Writing Center will open for Fall 1 on Monday, September 18, 2023
for in-person and online tutoring by appointment

Monday - Friday:  9:15 AM - 3:15 PM and 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday (online only) 10:30 AM - 3:15 PM

Tutoring at the Writing Center is by appointment; it?s not a walk-in center. But getting a tutoring session at the Writing Center is simple and easy. To get a tutoring appointment, all you need to do is log into My LaGuardia, scroll down, and click the red Writing Center Make Appointment button midway down on the right side. Then select appointment type from the drop-down menu offering the choices "Virtual" or "In-person" appointment.

When appointments for a particular period are filled, a Wait List appears. Students may sign up to be on the Wait List, and 10 minutes after the beginning of a period, if students with actual appointments have not checked in, their appointments will be given to students on the Wait List.

NOTE: All students with online appointments or online Wait List registrations must check in 15 minutes before the session time at so that we know that you?re here. Minutes later a tutor will contact you for your session.If you do not email at the time of your online appointment no one will know you are here and you will not be contacted.

Students with in-person appointments must arrive in B200 on time for their appointments; 10 minutes into the period, the appointment will be given to a wait-list student.

If students find that appointments of one type are filled, instead of choosing to be on the Wait List, they may also check to see if there are openings in the other setting?virtual instead of in-person, or vice-versa.

Several pointers to keep in mind:

  • Answer the prompts in order
  • On the drop-down menu of tutors, click on any tutor; we?ll assign you appropriately when you get to the Writing Center
  • Phone numbers should not include any spaces or dashes between the numbers
  • You may skip the Comments box

For online appointments only:

  • Before your actual appointment, register for Zoom at It?s absolutely free and very quick.
  • Whether you have an online appointment or are on the online Wait List, be sure to check in 15 minutes before your appointment at so that we know that you?re here. Minutes later a tutor will contact you for your session.
  • You can request a particular tutor in your check-in email. If you don?t get that tutor, either the tutor was not on duty or already had a student.
  • Be sure you know your teacher?s first and last name so that your tutor can send a session report to the right person.
  • You still have to be on time, and as always, after the first 10 minutes your appointment may be given to someone on the Wait List if you haven't checked in.
  • If you are on the Wait List, also as always, you still must check in on time. After the first 10 minutes of the period, you?ll get an email either inviting you to an appointment or telling you that all the appointments are full and that you should sign up for a later time.

The Writing Center offers individualized (1:1 and 2:1) tutoring on any aspect of any phase of writing, including:

  • finding or narrowing a focus
  • working out an outline or writing plan
  • developing paragraphs
  • using quotes and citation appropriately
  • zeroing in on specific grammar issues
  • reviewing a finished piece before submission
  • revising graded work

The Writing Center offers professional tutoring for a wide range of writing for any academic course or other writing purpose, such as personal statements and essays for scholarships and transfer applications.

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