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Our Best Answer: Why should I choose your school?

Why choose LaGuardia?

There are many reasons to obtain your education at LaGuardia Community College. View our brochure or read on:

  • We are located in New York City's most ethnically diverse borough.
  • LaGuardia provides students with the advantages of a large college and the benefits of a smaller one, including nationally-recognized academic excellence.
  • With more than 60 academic programs to choose from, it is easy to find a major that matches student interests.
  • A LaGuardia degree opens the door to new opportunities, career change, personal growth and more money. It can lead to an immediate job after graduation.
  • LaGuardia has the lowest college tuition in New York City. LaGuardia students can save up to $40,000 in tuition by completing their first two years of study at LaGuardia and transferring to a four-year institution. 
  • 70% of LaGuardia students qualify for financial aid.
  • Because most of our students lead full, active lives, amidst jobs, family and community commitments, the college provides numerous support services to help nurture their academic success, including evening and weekend classes, free tutoring labs, and on-campus childcare

Some freshmen enter the college knowing exactly what their future goals are, including the field they want to major in, their educational plan and desired career. Others plan to use their time here to explore and refine their educational interests and career options. Regardless of where you fall in that spectrum, you'll find a home and a community at LaGuardia.

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