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Our Best Answer: Why is there a hold on my account?

Viewing and Resolving Holds

Holds are placed on records for many reasons, and students can see this information. Go to CUNYfirst, Student Center and select the Tasks and Holds tile. On the menu to the left, choose Holds. To the right of the name of the hold you want to know more about, there's an arrow to click for details such as a description and the office to contact. Not all items in Holds stop registration. Some items are a message like Payment Plan. See the video below to see how to access hold information.

Holds are indicators of required action and may prevent you from performing CUNYfirst tasks. Some holds may prevent you from enrolling in classes or obtaining a transcript, so it's important that you resolve Holds immediately. Common Holds are for your action with Advising (ADV), Bursar (BUR) and Registrar (REG).

  • For first-time students, specific directions on how to resolve a hold are emailed to you.
  • Continuing students should log in to CUNYfirst as noted above

For more information about accessing Hold details, visit the CUNY IT Help site or watch the video below.

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