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Our Best Answer: Does your school have a wireless network?

Wireless Connectivity on Campus

If you have a laptop or mobile device, LaGuardia has a wireless network you can access. You also have access to the eduroam® network.

How to access LaGuardia WiFi (view device specific instructions):

  1. Select LaGuardia-WiFi wireless connection from your device
  2. A system dialog login will prompt you to enter your credentials Login using the same credentials as your username and password for email access.
  3. You will also be prompted to accept the Trust certificate. Accept the certificate and you will have access to the LaGuardia-WiFi wireless network.

WiFi network features include:

  • You will no longer need to re-authenticate during the day.
  • Login session idle time is now seven days, which means if you haven't been on campus with your wireless device for seven days, you'll have to log back on the network with your username and password.

You can only access campus WiFi through two devices at a time. If you have a third device that you wish to log into the WiFi, you must log out of the WiFi with one device before you can log the new device in.

  • Students: My LaGuardia is now able to logout students from WiFi. Go to using the device with an active WiFi session, click logout, and wait for the application to log the device out from WiFi. Please note you might need to re-login to My LaGuardia if the session has expired. If this is the case, login to My LaGuardia and click logout. If the WiFi logout process is successful, you will see the message ?Signing out from WiFi. Please do not close the browser? (this message will disappear when the logout process is finished).
  • Faculty/Staff/Other: To force a log off from the LaGuardia WiFi system and you are
    • in M or E buildings, please type into your device?s browser:
    • in C or B buildings, please type into your device?s browser:

You can request assistance from the help desk.

eduroam® Free Wi-Fi Available on Campus

eduroam now available at LaGuardia using your CUNYFirst credentials. You can connect to free, secure wireless internet on campus. Learn more at

By following this one-time procedure for your Android device, you ensure that your CUNY Login credentials are secure when connecting to the internet through ANY eduroam® Wi-Fi hotspot:

  1. Open in a web browser on your Android device.
  2. Click on Click here to download your eduroam® installer.
  3. Search for and select City University of New York.
  4. Tap on the eduroam button.
  5. Tap the Continue button to acknowledge the reminder to download the geteduroam app.
  6. Tap the Download button to download the file but do not open it if prompted.
  7. Install and open the geteduroam app from Google Play.
  8. Search for and select City University of New York, then tap Next.
  9. Enter your CUNY Login username and password and tap Connect to Network.

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