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Our Best Answer: Do you offer tutoring services?

Tutoring Services

LaGuardia offers many tutoring resources to meet your academic needs. Whether you are seeking academic help from a professor or fellow student, you have options to choose from. Updated schedules are usually posted at the door to the tutoring labs.

  • The Student Government Association (SGA) Study Hall is providing remote tutoring services through email, video conferences and phone calls. Please email Flora Flores at with tutoring requests. Students can get help with Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting I & II, Macro-Economics,  Micro-Economics, and Writing. View their flyer.
  • The Writing Center, located in room B200, will help you improve your writing for any class, except ESL and Reading courses, which have their own tutoring labs. Writing Center tutors can help you get started on a research paper, teach you how to proofread, or help you correct a graded essay.
  • Mathematics Tutoring Center, also known as the Math Lab, is located in MB44. The Math Lab will help you with any level of math, including help with homework, courses and projects. You can work alone or in small groups, asking tutors for assistance.
  • Academic English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • The Science Study Center offers tutoring for various science courses and is located in room E342.
  • The Anatomy and Physiology Study Hall, located in room E312, is dedicated to helping Biology students achieve excellence by providing peer tutors, faculty members, anatomical models, videos and specimens, as well as offering old exams and practice bone exams.
  • The Modern Language Lab in room B206 provides lab sessions to reinforce classwork and language tutoring for day, evening and weekend students.
  • The Communication Studies Speech Center Labs are in C214 and C216. Contact the Speech Center Office for more information in C242 or call 718-482-5704.
  • The College also has tutoring centers devoted to specific courses and programs, including Accounting, ASAP and College Discovery, and through Academic Peer Instruction (API). Ask your Advising Team for more information or if you need help.
  • If you need help in a particular course, speak to your professor. Professors keep weekly office hours to answer student questions and can direct you to course specific tutoring services or study groups. Search the Directory to find contact information.


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