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Our Best Answer: What is considered full-time status?

Status as a Part Time or Full Time Student
Full or part time status is determined by the number of credits a student is taking during a session. Full time status in Session I is 12 or more credits and part time is any credit load below 12. ?
LaGuardia?s academic calendar allows students to combine credits taken in Session I and Session II. The total is used to determine ?semester? status as a part time or full time student. However, financial aid eligibility is based on the students? enrollment in Session I and Session II classes as of the Financial Aid Certification Date in Session I?. Classes added after this date are not counted for financial aid. Students should speak with an academic advisor or financial aid specialist to better understand how changes to their registration will affect their academic progress and/or aid eligibility.
Students have the flexibility to decide how many classes to take each session and semester. Changing status doesn't require a form--you simply register for more or less credits. If adding or dropping classes during the semester raises or lowers your credit load, this can also affect your status as full or part time.


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