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Our Best Answer: How do I file an academic appeal?

Submitting an Academic Appeal

Students who wish to file an academic appeal should first meet with a member of their Advising Team to discuss whether an appeal would be beneficial, and determine the validity of reason(s) for filing. If a valid reason exists, students must:

  • Complete the academic appeal form.
  • Write a statement explaining the reason(s) for the appeal so that the Academic Appeals Committee can understand the nature of their circumstances.
  • Provide supporting documentation (ex.: hospital discharge record, letter from employer, death certificate).

The Academic Advisor will review all documents, make recommendations to ensure that the appeal is complete, and provide additional information as needed. Once the appeal packet is complete and ready to submit, the Academic Advisor refers the student to the Enrollment Services Center in C107 to submit the appeal. The Academic Appeals Committee will notify students with a decision via postal mail 4-6 weeks after submission of the appeal. If there is no decision received by that time, contact the Registrar.

The Committee?s decision is final and cannot be appealed further.

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