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Our Best Answer: What is the test I have to take for TAP if I graduated outside the U.S.?

ATB Test

The ATB (Ability to Benefit) test may be required by TAP if you did not graduate in the United States. You should speak with a financial aid specialist to determine whether you need to take this exam and when you can take the test. Students will be notified about taking the ATB exam once a virtual ATB exam is in place.

The ATB demonstrates that you have been tested to meet New York State eligibility for TAP state aid and tests you in reading, writing and math. It does not affect your CUNY entrance grades or placement.

If  a student fails any porton of the ATB test, they will be required to take a workshop in that subject area prior to being eligible to retest. The workshops are provided by the Math Dept. for the arithmetic ATB portion and the Education and Language Acquisition Dept. (ELA) for the reading and sentence skills ATB portion.

Passing ATB scores:

  • Sentence skills -- 60
  • Reading -- 55
  • Math -- 34



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