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Our Best Answer: How do I appeal unsatisfactory academic progress for financial aid?

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

If you received a letter reporting unsatisfactory academic progress, you can appeal this decision. The appeal must include an explanation of why the SAP policy requirements weren't met and an academic plan to achieve satisfactory progress in the term. You must meet with an academic advisor immediately to complete your academic plan, sign, and upload your financial aid appeal form and documents.The appeal forms for federal and state aid are available online.

You'll be notified of the decision of the Academic Standing Committee in 4 to 6 weeks for federal aid appeals and within 4 weeks for state aid appeals. If the appeal is approved, you'll be placed on financial aid probation, and aid will be granted for one term. If you then fail to make SAP according to your academic plan for the current semester, you'll become ineligible for aid for the following semester.

Federal Financial Aid Appeal deadlines:

Fall 2021 September 15, 2021
Spring 2022 March 11, 2022



State aid waiver deadlines:    

Fall 2021 February 19, 2022
Spring 2022 August 5, 2022

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