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Our Best Answer: How are students notified if an instructor will be absent from class?

Notification of Instructor Absence

Classes are expected to meet as scheduled. If an instructor needs to cancel a specific class meeting, they may have a contact policy listed on the syllabus. Many faculty will post a message to the Blackboard system or may contact students by email, etc. If the instructor has an emergency and contacts the sponsoring department office or College Security, staff will post the cancellation on the classroom door before the class time. At this time, there is no way to check online if a particular class has been cancelled

If the instructor has not arrived 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the class, please create a sign-in sheet and take it to the departmental office to make sure you get credit for attending that session.

The College does not know if an online session is canceled by the instructor. It is up to the instructor to use Blackboard or other electronic means to let students know of changes in scheduled meeting times.

How to learn if the College is closed for the day

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