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Our Best Answer: What is "academic forgiveness"?

Second Chance to Finish Degree

Academic forgiveness refers to the academic policy at LaGuardia that allows students to have a second chance to complete a degree after a less-than-satisfactory previous enrollment. The policy stipulates that students who fall under the following conditions will have past grades of F, FIN, and WU, excluded from their GPA (both conditions must be met):

  • A student who has either been academically dismissed, or otherwise not been enrolled at the College, for at least five (5) years
  • A student whose GPA was below 2.00 at the time of their last attended semester

Students who are returning after a 5+ year absence and who have old failing grades but had a GPA above 2.00 are not eligible for academic forgiveness.

Students who are reinstated/readmitted under this policy will not have the academic forgiveness automatically applied at the beginning of their first session of return. Rather, the Registrar will assess academic forgiveness after the withdrawal deadline for the session in which the student returned.

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