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Our Best Answer: How do I register for final exams in basic skills courses?

Final Exams: Basic Skills Courses

The following information applies to basic math (MAT 096 & MAT 099) and basic writing (ENG 099, ESA 099 & ESC 099). 

First, faculty must designate if their students are eligible or ineligible to test for finals. If you are eligible, you will receive an email through your Live LaGuardia email account with a link to the final exam registration page and instructions for the test. You can also find this on your My LaGuardia page. You can select the date and time of your final exam once you receive this email. Sign-up periods for finals testing are different for each area–math and writing–so if you are taking more than one basic skills course, you will not receive notification of eligibility for those finals all at the same time.

After you register for your final exam, you will receive a confirmation email. And a few days before the test session, you will receive a reminder email with date, time and the room for your exam.

Rescheduling your exam: After receiving confirmation of your final exam time, if you find you need to reschedule, please see the department that offers your course.

Did not Register: If eligible students fail to register for their final, they must go to that department's office. The department will then contact the Testing Office to schedule a testing date.

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