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Our Best Answer: How does ALEKS work?

Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS)

ALEKS is an online assessment and learning system used in MAT 096, MAT 099 and MAT 117. If you're enrolled in one of these courses, you're required to purchase an ALEKS access code. Through ALEKS, you do homework and may take departmental exams. You must follow the way your instructor explains in class for registration in ALEKS, otherwise you may end up purchasing a code that doesn't work for your class. If you're unsure about the purchasing process for buying the access code, you should consult your professor.

You can obtain an access code by either buying directly from the ALEKS website, which your instructor will show in class how to do, or buying a new textbook from the LaGuardia bookstore only (used textbooks or textbooks from other stores such as Amazon will not include the access code).

ALEKS uses questioning to determine what a student knows and doesn?t know in a course and then instructs them on the topics they're most ready to learn. As a student works through a course, ALEKS periodically reassesses them to ensure that what is learned is also retained.

Classes that use ALEKS also have computer lab class time. See the class schedule for times and rooms.

Besides regular courses, ALEKS is also used in the second chance program for MAT 096 and MAT 099. For more information please visit the Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Department website.

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