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Our Best Answer: What does “academic dismissal” mean?

Academic Standing?Dismissal

Academic dismissal results when a student has not met the minimum requirements for satisfactory academic standing requirement for three consecutive semesters. The Registrar first places these students into a conditional dismissal status, which allows them to proceed with courses for the upcoming semester. The College then sends notice to these students via USPS mail and e-mail informing them of their conditionally dismissed status.

During this conditional dismissal period, students have one final opportunity to improve their academic standing (that is, their GPA). They also have the opportunity to submit an academic appeal explaining why the College should allow them to continue with classes after that semester. The Registrar also places a temporary dismissal hold on students? academic record.

If a student?s GPA has not risen to the minimum requirement by the end of the conditional dismissal period, or if they do not enroll in classes during the conditional dismissal period, then the conditional dismissal becomes official after the end of Session I (or Session II if a student has enrolled in courses for that term).

Officially academically dismissed students cannot proceed with registering for classes for the upcoming semester, and will need to submit an academic appeal for reinstatement if they wish to return to LaGuardia. In some cases, academic forgiveness is possible for students who return to LaGuardia after successfully appealing for reinstatement.

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