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Our Best Answer: How do I get a student ID card?

Getting a Student ID Card

At this time, the College campus has not officially reopened. However, normally the process for receiving a College ID is as follows:

After you've completed your registration and cleared your outstanding balance, please visit the College ID Office, room C115. Make certain you bring a valid photo-ID with you.

There is no charge for your first card, however replacement cards cost $10, payable at the Bursar's Office, C110. If you have a balance due on your account from a previous semester, you can't get your ID until you pay your balance in full.

Every semester after the one in which you first get your ID card, you'll need to update your ID with a validation sticker to show you're registered for that semester. Validation stickers are issued twice a year?Spring (including summer) and Fall (including Winter). :

  • You must be a registered student for the current semester.
  • Paid tuition must be reflected on your CUNY First account.
  • You need to bring your current college ID to the ID office.

All students on campus can get an identification card through the College ID office. Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) students are given an ACE ID, College students are given a College ID.

Or were you looking for the New York City ID program?


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