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Our Best Answer: How do I change my major?

Changing a Major

Students applying to LaGuardia initially declare their majors on their applications as part of the admission process. However, after admission, sometimes students change their mind. All students should meet with their advisor before changing their major, as there may be unintended consequences related to degree completion and/or financial aid eligibility. An Academic Advisor can provide information to help students decide the best course of action.

New Freshman Students and Continuing Students (students actively enrolled and attending classes) can change their major by completing a Change of Major or Concentration Form and submitting it to the Live Virtual Registrar's Office.

New Transfer Students submit the form to the Admissions Office via

The deadline by which to submit the Change of Major or Concentration Form is published on the Academic Calendar for each semester. The deadline typically coincides with the last day to drop a course for Session I of every semester.

NOTE: Changes to some majors require permission from the Program Coordinator or Department Chair. For example, all Health Science majors except Human Services and Public & Community Health require permission from the respective Program Coordinators to complete the major change. Refer to the list of approved majors and concentrations for additional information, including the Program Coordinators for each major.


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