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Our Best Answer: What is your grading policy?

Grading Policy

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency LaGuardia has implemented a flexible grading policy for Fall 2020.

Faculty assign a grade to each student based on the criteria provided in the course syllabus/outline. LaGuardia faculty assign the grades noted below and with the following GPA values:

Values for Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade Earned Numerical Value  
A 4.00  
A- 3.70  
B+ 3.30  
B 3.00  
B- 2.70  
C+ 2.30  
C 2.00  
C- 1.70  
D+ 1.30  
D 1.00  
D- 0.70  
F, WU, FIN   0.00 (do not calculate these grades into GPA if you took the course again and passed with a C grade or higher) up to a maximum of 16 credits.
INC, WN, WD, W, Z, U, S, R grades are not calculated into the GPA. WD and WN do not appear on the transcript.















Grading System

A-, A          = 90-100
B-, B, B+    = 80-89
C-, C, C+ = 70-79
D-, D, D+ = Lowest passing grade
F = Failure
FIN = Failure from Incomplete
W = Withdraw
WD = Withdrawal Drop, during drop period
WN = Unofficial Withdrawal, never attended
WU = Unofficial Withdrawal









View our "Incomplete Grade Policy" on page 202?203 of our college catalog for further information about these particular grades.

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